leek leek
Sometimes confused with onion, leek is a vegetable with white stem and green leaves that give flavour to every recipes.
From the genius Allium as onion and garlic, leek is a winter vegetable available in many varieties. Cultivated from December to April, the winter leek is the biggest and the most coloured. The autumn leek are collected before the frost, and young leeks at spring. This one is smaller, has a mild taste, and a sweeter texture than the winter leek.
As the chicory, the leek is full of water, which is why it is a low calorie vegetable. It is also a good source of fibers and B9 vitamins. Those nutritional assets, in addition to the sweet flavour it gives to recipes, make it an essential ingredient.
Leek can be kept as long as two weeks in the fridge. To keep it on a long period, leek can be cut and frozen. It is a good way to have leek every time you need it.
Like the onion, leek can be used to prepare dishes and add flavour to it. It can also be the key ingredient of a recipe, as in a leek soup. This vegetable is mostly eaten roasted, blanched, boiled or fried.
leek leek
Although little-known, endive is a tasty and nutritious vegetable that can be cooked easily.
Coming from endive roots, chicory is a white and firm vegetable, akin to salad, whose leaves are bordered with a thin yellow line, or red, depending de variety. Chicory is a winter vegetable available all year in a lot of varieties and colours.
Low calorie, endive is composed of 94% water. Interesting fact, a portion of chicory equal a glass of water! Also, chicory is well-known for its vitamin intake, particularly B9 (folic acid). Moreover, this vegetable is rich in potassium. Its nutritional characteristics make it a pretty good choice.
Endive can’t be exposed to light or it will turn green and bitter. Protect it by wrapped it up in a paper towel. Endive can be kept a week.
Endive fits almost every food and cooking style. It can be consumed baked or raw. Frequently, endive is eaten in salad, hors d’œuvres or gratin. When raw, endive has a sweet taste, but is a bit bitter when steamed.
leek leek
Pepper is mostly used for its colours, flavours and vitamin intake.
This vegetable-fruit exists in many colours, including red, orange, yellow and green. It has a pronounced flavour and a crispy texture. Interesting fact; green pepper is an immature pepper, which explain its bitter and peppery taste. For this reason, it is generally baked, but other peppers are often eaten raw.
In addition to its flavour, pepper is full of essential nutrients like vitamins, especially in vitamin C. This vegetable is also a source of de fibers and antioxidants. Moreover, on an esthetic aspect, peppers bring colours to plates!
Pepper can stay more than a week in the fridge in a perforated bag, or cut and placed in a sealed container. To keep pepper for future recipes, the vegetable can be frozen after being washed, deseeded and sliced.
Even if often eat raw and in salad, pepper is also cooked because of its mild and pronounced flavour, particularly in sauté, sandwiches and pizzas. It is also an important ingredient in some recipes like ratatouille. In fact, pepper can be used in all kind of meals!

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